Saturday, 11 October 2008

John Peel Day mixtape

Apparently it was John Peel Day this week? Or it will be next week. The Beeb don't seem to have devoted many shows to the day or indeed even mentioned it, but i'll press on regardless.
While working for The Man over the past few weeks i decided to fill the time between waiting for data to process by making a special mixtape-compilation-type thing for the occassion. It's the same length as the Peel shows i grew up listening to (two hours) and features bits that i remember fondly at the time, most of them being peel sessions or performances from Maida Vale or Peel Acres. It's by no means an 'ideal' show i've cobbled together - no Pig's Big 78 for a start - but it does feature some of my favourite artists and some older stuff as well.

Anyway. The link is here.

If you don't want to know the tracklisting (you might like the element of surprise, i know i do) then look away now:

- Cowcube - Itchy Cut
- The Damned - New Rose (Peel session)
- Delia Derbyshire - The Voice Of John Peel
- X Booty (Dan The Drummer) - O Superman
- The Black Keys- Hard Row (Peel session)
- Listen With Sarah - Cuntry Music
- The Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy (Live at Maida Vale)
- Party Of One - Shotgun Funeral
- dj /rupture - High Resolution (live at Maida Vale)
- Culture - Two Sevens Clash (Peel session)
- Son House - Death Letter (Peel session)
- Pavement - The Classical (Peel session)
- The Fall - Groovin' With Mr Blo / Green Eyed Loco Man (Peel session)
- Galactic Symposium - YMCA
- Half Man Half Biscuit - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train) (Peel session)
- The Would Bes - My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark (Peel session)
- Napalm Death - The Kill (Peel session)
- Jeff Mills live at Maida Vale
- People Like Us - Abridged Too Far (Peel session)
- Pico - Speed (Peel session)
- Belle And Sebastian - Roy Walker (live at Peel Acres)
- Orbital - Doctor ?/Chime (live at Maida Vale)
- Grandmaster Gareth - Dr Dre Buys A Pint Of Milk
- Hyper Kinako - Tokyo Registration Office
- Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain (live at Maida Vale)
- The Cuban Boys - The Nation Needs You
- CLSM - John Peel Is Not Enough (Fergus Mayhem remix)

Turn it up and keep it peel xxxxx